The third trimester of pregnancy (34-40+ weeks — and)

The third trimester of pregnancy (34-40+ weeks — and)

In the last 4 weeks of pregnancy, you will begin to feel that the baby is already getting cramped in your tummy. Sometimes the feeling of heaviness of the abdomen and the feeling of preparing bones for opening the uterus.

It’s time to focus on the process of the birth of the baby.

And again, in practice, priorities will change.

Yoga Therapy for pregnant women at this time brings comfort and prepares the future mother physically, mentally and spiritually for work.

Practice meditation, mantropenia, wise and slow transitions in asanas in balance with slow and deep breathing and relaxation.

Continue to tone the pelvic floor muscles, which will prepare the uterus for opening and accepting this process as an orgasm.

At the same time, thanks to your practices, the baby will respond well to your deep breathing and rotating movements of the hips. And with this you help the fetus to come to the optimum position for going out into this world, for birth.